[Pit A Pat] Killing Verse on NOW

Nov 19th.

In addition to the 'Killing Voice' live,

Junsu did an interview for 'Killing Verse on NOW'

Killing Voice by Dingo

Killing Verse on NOW: Dingo x Naver

The Byproduct

🎉a selfie 🎉

The Aftermath

The mother load from Lotte Foods & Junsu's IG

xiaxiaxia1215: 이렇게 사진까지해서 냉장고와함께 보내주시고 감사합니다 복받으실거예요~덕분에 올해겨울은 #빵빠레 와 함께..🐖 돼지가..되겠네요 하하하 진심으로 감사합니다 #협찬 @lottefoods 직원여러분 복받으세요~~

Thank you for even sending my picture with with the freezer. Bless you~ Thanks to you I'll be spending my winter with #Fanfare.. I'm going to turn into a 🐖 hahaha Thank you so much #sponsor @lottefooods employees, bless you~~