[News] Master Junsu Returns to Battle Mr.Trot Top6 on 'Call Centre of Love'

Top musical theatre stars, Kim Junsu, Ch Jiyeon, Hong Jimin, Kang Honseok, Luna and Shin Inseon will join the TOP6 from 'Call Centre of Love' in a special musical theatre episode.

The TOP6 took on the the six theatre actors in a 1:1 death match in which they battled out Broadway vs. Trot, each stage more explosive than the next. Spirits and energy ran so high, there was even concern that the taping would run too long.

Kim Junsu, formerly a Mr. Trot Master, returned as an opponent this time and gave especially noteworthy performances with his intense and heartbreaking live singing. The TOP6 seemed visibly moved to see Kim's performance so up close and were seen clasping their hands together with mouths agape, as they gave their undivided attention to him. Kim responded by saying "I feel more pressure because I was a Master. But today, because I'm here as a musical theatre actor, I'm putting my pride as one on the line." However, he also confessed "I really don't want to go against this person because he's so good" as he singled out one of the TOP6.

Kim seemed nervous in the opening segment but once the death match began, he did a complete 180, exciting everyone in the studio. He danced as he charged center stage when members from Team Musical were performing; when a teammate received a high score, he cheered and displayed such happiness that MC Kim Seongjoo commented "I thought you received a Gayo Daesang."

Kim Junsu did not forget his Master roots, either. Whenever a TOP6 performed, he showered them with compliments such as "Doesn't he have amazing vocal control?", "That was amazing!" and "I haven't been this moved in a while." Nor did Kim miss out on the cute factor as he danced. and cheered for the TOP6 performances as well.

Production crew remarked "Not only the TOP6 but all staff in the studio couldn't take their eyes off the Musical6. The show was more than just a vocal battle but a feast for the eyes and ears."

Episode 24 of Call Centre of Love airs at 10 p.m. this Sept 10th.