[Pit A Pat] Melon x Junsu's Playlist

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

[Pit A Pat] Junsu's Playlist Rec. for Driving

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1. The Weeknd 'Blinding Lights'

I'm sure many of you will know this song when you hear it. I have a favorite bowling alley I often go to and when I hear a good song playing there, I put it on my playlist. This is a great song to play while you're driving.

2. XIA (준수) 'Incredible (Feat. Quincy)'

To be honest, I don't really listen to my own songs. But when I feel like it, for instance when I'm going on a trip, this is the song I take with me. It really puts me in the mood. This song's great for travel especially in the summer. It excites me because it's a song that the fans and I have most fun with at concerts.

3. Sia 'Chandelier'

I'm XIA so Sia's 'Chandelier.' I remember being really impressed with the music video. I also like that we have similar names. The power that exudes from that husky voice gives me goosebumps.

4. 싸이 (PSY) 'DADDY (Feat. CL of 2NE1)

This is actually the song I listen to the most. Out of all the songs I've introduced today, this is the first one I put on when I'm driving. The beats and the instrumental sounds just push my mood over the top and when I listen to it in the car, my heart starts pounding to the beat. (Psy hung! Are you reading this? lol)

5. MIKA 'Happy Ending'

This song lets me know whether I'm happy or sad. I like to listen to it early in the mornings by myself with the window rolled down. If it feels happy or joyful, it means I'm happy; some days, the song feels sad. It's called 'Happy Ending' but when it feels like a sad ending, I can tell I'm anxious or sad. It's a song that helps me check myself.

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