[Info] Album Pre-orders

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

XIA Mini Album Vol.2 [Pit A Pat] 

The physical album and its streaming counterpart officially drop on Nov.10th.

However, it's best to buy during the pre-order period.

"PRE-ORDERS" provide an initial boost for album sales but, more importantly,

they allow companies to gauge production quantity.

Cjes is notorious for running out of stock early for - okay everything but especially -

physical albums. At this point in time, pre-orders are especially crucial because every Kpop act and their samchon are making a comeback this fall. Word on the street is, factories will be crammed and unable to restock fast enough. Early stock shortage can chip at the album's charting.

Even if you're not a chart person, it's been 4 years. You're gonna wanna make this one count.

★ PRE-ORDER PERIOD: Oct. 27th - Nov. 5th~9th depending on site


- Group orders

Korea bit.ly/3e0ZE87 + bit.ly/37IiejY

Japan https://usappi1215.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-5624.html

Philippines https://twitter.com/lovedusthq/status/1322086562931171330?

Malaysia @byekpopitems

Thailand https://twitter.com/xiajunsuland/status/1321086148727459840?s=19

- Individual

US http://choicemusicla.com / http://kpopsuaonline.com

Mexico http://insakoreanstore.com *discount code: PITAPATinsaJUNSU

Brazil http://firestore.com.br

France http://asianworldmusic.fr

Finland https://www.onnigom.fi/tuote/xia-pit-a-pat-2nd-mini-album

Romania https://www.kpop.ro

Netherlands https://www.sounds.nl/detail/4109179/cd/xia/pit_a_pat

Worldwide (good rates overall)



(Compiled for best shipping fees. List not exhaustive.)