[NEWS] 500th Show: More celebratory posts

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

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"Junsuya congrats on your 500th show"

#mozart #xiazart #kimjunsu #giftfromgod #congrats500thshow

Insun: Today will be the last show for the Kim Junsu-Shin Insun pair

Junsu: Thank you for all the love up till now. Insun will be active in diverse projects

so please send him your support. Fighting!

#pairslastshow #musicalmozart

It's Junsu hyung-ah's 500th musical show!

Congratulations~ #Babam

On such an auspicious day #shinkaneder and #xiazart are having their last performance as a pair!! Sadly, this will be the last time we meet for musical Mozart...

The support from Kim Junsu hyung-nim,

my master and seonbae and now friend will carry me on my path as an actor.

Thank you for showing support in my video hyung ah. I'll stay in touch often.

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