[NEWS] Vlive FANSHIP: 2nd Round of Recruits

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

To apply for Junsu's V-app Fanship, click here.


  • The extra content with immediately available subtitles

  • Exclusive interaction with Junsu i.e. impromptu chat sessions

  • 2nd gen Fanship members still get access to the 1st Fanship content


  • Membership comes with a "welcome kit" - content unspecified - which will double the total fee with international shipping.

  • Judging from the 1st year's output, video content can be sporadic and sparse.

However, Cjes belatedly seems to be making *cough* an effort *cough* this time.

i.e. anyone who has applied for the 2nd Fanship will be eligible to win this autographed poster.

Another thing to consider: applications are open for a short period only (untill Aug. 31st, 11:59 pm. KST) and will not be available for another full year.