2020 <Mozart!> Review, Cho Yongshin IG

<from Cho Yongshin's IG>

I can’t believe Mozart! is 10 years old. This means it’s been 10 years since I had barely gotten hold of a ticket and sat at the far edge of Sejong to watch Kim Junsu in his debut performance. Back then everyone talked about his “ticket power” but no one talked about how hard at work the holy trinity of production, actor and character DNA were. To be fair, they couldn’t have known. It was maybe only the director who had been been talking about it since rehearsals.

I saw Mozart around three times over the decade including this run. The series of dark and disjointed scenes left me a little wanting but watching the show today and seeing how the lead actor can surpass his functional role to immerse himself emotionally, I realize again what makes Junsu the best. Like Sweeney Todd declares ‘at last my arm is complete again, the more mature Mozart finally seemed to gave regained his vitality.

I am Music (The dreams and fantasies of a young man)

Golden Star (Baroness as narrator of truth like Gringoire)

I Want to Escape My Destiny (Stormy angst and sensitive rage!)

The 1st Act is jam-packed with wonderful numbers. In Act 2, the death of Leopold is a favorite scene.. as is the death of Mozart. Amade feels like Dorian in his final stage or his alter ego (the child actor was amazing!)

I was also reminded of the Mozart! concert in.. Olympic Park I think [the Gymnastics Stadium] Levay himself was attendingand I was there diligently taking down notes. 10 years. Good times.

Director Kim Munjeong, I couldn’t visit you in your dressing room but I want to tell you I enjoyed the show. Your voice sounded tired over the phone but thank you for accompanying the drama so perfectly.

Cho Yongshin is a writer who has been following Junsu's career since the beginning. He also wrote the book for musical <Dorian Gray>, inspired in part by Junsu's portrayal of Death in <Elisabeth>.