[2020 B&M] Last Comments & 'Birdman'

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

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'Birdman' Dec 26th live, 2020 XIA B&M Online Concert


With really just one song remaining, the thing I'd like to tell you is how sincerely grateful I am that I was allowed to hold this concert. It was all thanks to you.

I am a little embarrassed by how I always seem to say the same thing repeatedly; at the same time, I feel apologetic that these are the only words I'm able to offer you -- still, all I can say is 'thank you.' Thank you so much.

The last song is not mine but.. From time to time, I'll receive messages or see comments that tell me, for instance, they were a fan 15, 16 years ago.. Among them, some say they're proud of me; some tell me I've changed a lot -- it could be how I look or other aspects of me; some say I haven't changed at all. They're diverse..

I get a lot of messages telling me how they were fans a long time ago but they had to let go of it because life caught up with them, be it work, other important things, marriage etc. They'll say "My life had been with oppa's music" or some are even like "I thought I'd marry you, oppa. But I'm getting married next month."(laughs) These are the most numerous types of messages I receive. Every one has their story and we all have an impact on each other. People who weren't fans become fans later; people who were fans, whether through external circumstance or willingly because they don't like how I am now, let go of being a fan. It's the natural ebb and flow of things and I am grateful for every moment because they all feel like a miracle to me.

Yet, once in a while, I hear things and they give me a lot to think about. One day, I heard this song by a seonbae-nim singer I like and many thoughts crossed my mind. I related to the song a lot even though I hadn't written it. The song described how I had felt sometimes and how I feel even now to a certain extent, in addition to the gratitude I feel. Seeing these incredibly popular artists, including many hoobaes, brings up many different feelings in me, too. In the general flow of all these things, I hope this last song can be my message. If you know the song, please feel free to sing along in your rooms.


I wish you'd like me

I wish you'd gaze at me

When I was dressed to the nines,

you liked me then

Where have you all gone

I am still here

You don’t like this

You’re sick of that

I don't think I'm enough

to satisfy your changing whims

If you have another change of heart,

come to me again

This is all I am

This is what I do best

Just when I thought the time-ripe now is good

you say the unripe then was better

I have a secret

I discovered my wings

The painful thorn that was long in my side

turned out to be wings breaking through my skin

The heights I thought I soared

was the empty air of my youth

An unexpected gift of ignorance

I dressed myself up to hold on to it

But this is all I am

This is what I do best

Just when I thought the time-ripe now is good

You say the unripe then was better

Now I look far into the distance

Because I can spread my wings

The painful thorn that was long in my side

enables me to bear anything

I fly but not high

because I’m fine with anything, anywhere

In the end, I want to be loved

and will come down to the ground

Please pat my feeble wings